Did you know that factual and grammatical errors turn online readers off?
Do'nt worry. Let us fix those errors for free.

Let's Write It Right is a non-profit forum of 220+ subject matter experts who volunteer to write well-researched, error-free web content for your audience to power-up your digital marketing plans.

Our fee? $0 for unlimited words.

“87% of website visitors have a more positive view of a company after reading error-free content that is fresh and up-to-date”.

But the reality is that most content found online contains errors, is unoriginal, and is dated. Poor quality content with grammatical errors on your website will make your readers question whether you actually care about your website anymore. Your website’s credibility is always going to be at stake when visitors question its ‘facts’ and its relevancy.

That's why a team of content enthusiasts founded Let’s Write it Right (LWIR) in 2018. LWIR is a not-for-profit group working with volunteer writers and web researchers with the motto "Let's write it right.” LWIR's 220+ expert volunteer writers write 74,000 words of content and update 90+ pages for 50+ websites every day. They are committed to ensuring every piece they create is error-free, fresh, unique, on target, and reaches its audience in a meaningful way and they provide all of this"FOR FREE".

Why is LWIR content writing/editing service free?

LWIR is a team of volunteers committed to maintaining quality on the Web. In the LWIR volunteer network, you will find engineers, doctors, lawyers, professional writers, and many other specialists. All our volunteers are committed to delivering error-free content that is up-to-date, at no charge. "Yes, it's free, but it’s worth a lot more!"

Will I own copyright to the content you supply?

Yes, absolutely.You own the copyright as soon as you publish the content on your website.

What quality guidelines do you follow?

We follow Harvard University's Write It Right referencing system for writing contents. We write original content that is well researched, with correct grammar and spelling (US or UK English). Our content is written by native English speakers. That’s what we will always do.

What type of content can I get?

We write almost any type of content you can think of. This includes blog posts, articles, website content, press releases, email newsletters, sales copy, and more.

Writers Mind Voice

You’ve come to the right place to get effective, powerful, results-oriented, up-to-date, error-free web content.
"Volunteering at LWIR is a great pleasure for me. What I appreciate most about LWIR is that it has given me the opportunity to work in a pleasant, multilingual environment."
"Working for LWIR is not a job but a path that shapes one’s future. LWIR has been - and will always be - a part of my life."
"If you want to be a volunteer writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot."
“Helping others is a blessing in disguise. When we help others to grow, we grow in the process too."
"Always be ready, with a helping hand, to assist those you meet along the way."

About Let's Write It Right Initiative

Let's Write It Right started in 2018 in a shared workspace, motivated by a simple problem: Why is the Web full of factually wrong contents? We thought: Why not rewrite them with the help of volunteer writers with the right expertise? Our mission at Let’s Write It Right is to connect businesses with their ideal prospects through powerful content crafted by specialized writers, managed by a team that puts people first.

We are the family of LWIR, a humble yet passionate group of content developers who volunteer to deliver ‘next-gen’ content which is now voice-optimised too!

Our Motto - Weaving a transcendent experience with words, FREE FOREVER.